End-to-End, Horizontal and All IP Software IoT Platform

Yanzi delivers an end-to-end, horizontal and all-IP software IoT platform. We offer sensors, gateways and a cloud server system packaged into a Software as a Service solution for Smart Home and Smart Office applications. The horizontal and all-IP approach provides a solution that is easy, smart and evolutionary.

With Yanzi, anything from low-cost battery-powered temperature sensors to high-performance surveillance cameras can be connected to the Internet in a secure and cost efficient way. This is done either directly or via a gateway.

Leading service providers build amazing applications based on the Yanzi software platform which is accessible via the Yanzi Open API.

There are Billions of Things

The Internet-of-Things aims to connect millions of users and places to billions of things.

The Internet-of-Things aims to connect millions of users and places to billions of things. The Yanzi Cloud Software Platform operates on cloud servers and gateways; it collects data, manages devices, and provides processed information to users in real time.

It scales to hundreds of millions of users and/or gateways by being distributed over many cloud servers simultaneously.

The Gateway, an extension of the Cloud

Yanzi gateways may cost as little as a few dollars to connect a few things in a small installation. It may also connect tens of thousands of things using a high-performance gateway. The Yanzi gateway software implements the Yanzi cloud platform but also provides many gateway-specific functions, such as:

  • Aggregation of data from things allows for sharing of expensive WAN link resources and common storage modules
  • Adaptation between wide area network (WAN) and local area network (LAN) link technologies
  • Encrypted communication channel with the cloud to allow instant remote access and real-time notifications
  • Autonomous operation if WAN link is unavailable
  • High performance local API for data, such as video, without sending it over the WAN link
  • Data synchronization with the cloud of sensor data, device configuration, backups, and authentication information
  • Discovery and enabling of new things locally

Things Should Be Simple, Reliable, and Secure

All Yanzi things provide

  • Automatic discovery (UPnP), installation, and configuration through “Zero-Touch configuration”
  • Authentication by user and automatic security setup, ECC and AES-128, through Zero-Touch configuration
  • Maintains an encrypted communication channel with the cloud to allow instant remote access and real-time notifications.
  • Mesh networking to increase reliability
  • A robust and standard networking layer to increase reliability
  • Long operating life of individual things

Many things will also benefit from

  • Wireless operation with automatic configuration of radio parameters.
  • Low power consumption, 10+ years of battery life
  • Low cost
  • Extended functionality by remotely upgrading the firmware from the cloud; dual firmware images with checksum verification for reliable upgrades

Included Technologies

  • Protocol:

    • SSDP/UPnP and mDNS for discovery
    • IPv6 and IPv4 support
    • IPv6 mesh networking
    • IPv6 routing based on IETF RPL
    • HTML5
  • Things:

    • IEEE 802.11 at 2.4GHz and 5GHz
    • IEEE 802.15.4 at 2.4GHz standard, 868/915MHz optional
    • IEEE 802.3 10/100/1000BASE-T
  • Gateway:

    • Low cost ARM to high performance x86 platforms
    • All object-oriented JAVA / OSGI design
    • Automatic firewall traversal
  • Security:

    • Elliptic Curve Cryptography, ECC
    • AES-128
    • HTTPS / SSL
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